Kiva Rocks!

Click to participate to The Road's social projectJust got a mail from Kiva… The people we have allocated loans to through our blog’s social project have started repaying.
We received a total of $55.11:

  • Quirudis Altagracia Ortiz Cordonis’s Group in Dominican Republic (Activity: Grocery Store)
    Our Loan:$50.00
    Newly Repaid:$8.33 (16.66% of our loan)
  • Maria España Ugaz Castillo in Peru (Activity: Food Production/Sales)
    Our Loan:$50.00
    Newly Repaid:$12.50 (25.00% of our loan)
  • Sopheap Chun’s Group in Cambodia (Activity: Agriculture)
    Our Loan:$100.00
    Newly Repaid:$7.44 (7.44% of our loan)
  • Kim Houy Lach’s Group in Cambodia (Activity: Poultry)
    Our Loan:$100.00
    Newly Repaid:$3.89 (3.89% of our loan)
  • Ganna Shkirta in Ukraine (Activity: Fruits & Vegetables)
    Our Loan:$50.00
    Newly Repaid:$6.25 (12.50% of our loan)
  • Francis Jamilett Areas Vivas’s Group in Nicaragua (Activity: Retail)
    Our Loan:$100.00 (12.53% of our loan)
  • Mao Kung in Cambodia (Activity: Pigs)
    Our Loan:$50.00
    Newly Repaid:$4.17 (8.34% of our loan)

The funds are now available as Kiva Credit, which we can re-lend! More work to do 🙂

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