Project 13: Bliquis Aziz in Pakistan

Bliquis Aziz's group

Here is a summary of The Road’s 13th social project:

A micro-financing loan to the Bliquis Aziz’s Women’s Group in Pakistan.

Bilquis baji lives in Pakpattan, Pakistan. The city is famous for its shrine of great Punjabi Sufi poet, Babar Fareed Ganj Shakkar.

Bliquis baji is the mother of two sons, both of whom are auto-rickshaw drivers (the local three-wheeled motor vehicle). She is a housewife but applies for a loan to buy another rickshaw for her eldest son, so that he able to increase his profits as a transit driver.

This is a group loan, and she is joined in her request by four other members. The loan funds will be distributed among the group members, each of whom will invest in their own business:
– Kaneez baji wants a loan to buy a mirror and chair for her beauty salon.
– Zafran baji also wants a loan to buy a rickshaw.
– Mukhtayar baji wants a loan to buy tools for her vehicle repair workshop.
– Saima baji wants a loan to buy cigarettes for her cigarette selling business.

The members mutually guarantee one another’s loans. If one member does not repay, the other members are responsible. (See also the group’s full profile on Kiva)

This loan goes through “Asasah”, the local micro financing partner of Kiva.

Loan Request: $900
Repayment terms: 11 months (Deadline Dec 15 2009)
We gave them a loan of US$100

This is The Road’s 13th social project. The funds for this loan were donated by the VK0IR Heard Island expedition team.

“Change Starts Here” broke the $5,000 mark!

one of the loans we made today: the Lim Vuthea Women's group in Cambodia

“Change Starts Here”, our blog’s social project just broke the $5,000 mark!

Tonight, we received a series of repayments on loans we previously made and reinvested them in the following new Kiva micro financing projects:

Kamil Akhmadov in Azerbaijan: $50 (purchase of two calves)
Marcia Mejia Women in the Dominican Republic: $25 (expand shop inventory)
Lim Vuthea Women in Cambodia: $50 (repair of their house)
Evelyn Dionela in the Philippines : $50 (purchase of a freezer to store the food she sells)
Altantsetseg Duden in Mongolia: $50 (expand the assortment of books she sells in her store)
Norma Andia Conga Women in Peru: $50 (expand the variety of items in stock for their stores)
Khayyam Tagiyev in Azerbaijan : $50 (spare parts for his taxi)
Laure Agbogbe in Togo: $50 (expand her cosmetics business)

We also welcome Mark, from Toronto-Canada as our 14th Kiva team member.

You can follow the progress of our project on our scorecard or join in the discussions on our discussion forum

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