Update from Gulinor Paigamova in Tajikistan

Gulinor Paigamovas cows in Tajikistan

Gulinor Paigamova's cows in Tajikistan

An update from one of loans in Tajikistan:

Gulinor’s business has greatly grown and all this is out of the success brought forward by Kiva lenders who have indeed helped to see people have change successful lives.

Gulinor started by buying 4 cows, after getting the loan she increased the number of her cows and now she is able to buy and sell more cows every month. Gulinor is very thankful to Kiva and all Kiva lenders who supported her, as exactly your timely assistance allowed her developing her business.

Update from the Laulam Group in Afghanistan

The Laulam group in Afghanistan

The Laulam group in Afghanistan

An update from our of our loans to an Afghanistan entrepreneural team:

Laulam group could bring many new changes to their business after the loan they all could progress their business.

Laulam’s husband could buy more fruits and vegetables for his shop. Mustafa could purchase more paint for his work. Roshan Gul could buy more cloth for her business. Badam Gul could buy a new machine for her business.

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