The final set of “typhoon” loans to the Philippines and Cambodia

Fe Erma Aragones lost her fish pond during Typhoon Ondoy

Fe Erma Aragones lost her fish pond in Typhoon Ondoy

Fe Erma Aragones lives with her husband Biato Aragones and their three children Emilio, Ana Marie and Angelica in Binangonan, a village in the North of the Philippines province of Rizal. She says their children, and their new grandchildren are really their blessing and the reason they strive hard to fight against poverty.  Because of their work, all of their children could graduate from college, and found work now.

Fe and Biato have a fish pond in the sea. When Typhoon Ondoy entered Rizal, their fish pond was damaged. The level of water in the sea got that high all the fish inside the fish pond were lost. They wanted to repair the fish pond and expand it. They also needed new funds to buy fishlings they can raise until it is ready for harvest.

Fe asked for a loan of US$950, repayable over 14 months. We allocated a loan of US$25 to her, as part of our project to help microfinance entrepreneurs in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam recovering from the recent typhoons.

Over the past month, we allocated $1,825 to this project. Friends from The Road’s lending team contributed another US$730, bringing the total of new loans after the typhoons to US$6,055. This matches the total amount we raised through this post.

The project balance:

My contribution 3,750
Donation by E 300
Donation by Diana 1,000
Donation by Liz 100
The Road’s team 905
total: 6,055

The microfinance loans I allocated this month: