New microfinance loans in 7 countries

Por Una Vida Digna Group in Peru

One of our new entrepreneur groups: The Por Una Vida Digna Group in Peru

“Por Una Vida Digna” is a group of ten people who have been investing in some type of business since six years. Mrs. Benedicta Serrano, for example, makes and sells variously flavored yoghurts according to her customers’ wishes. She also sells various fruit nectars.
She has a lot of demand so the funds she receives will be used to buy an ice chest. She is a very active group member and, because of that, she was selected to be the group president.
As a dance teacher, Elsa Dávalos, noticed renting costumes could be a profitable enterprise so she began to make them herself and then rent them to her students. This work has given her much satisfaction.
The other group members have different lines of work to which they are dedicated with much enthusiasm and effort because one of their most important objectives is to provide their families with sustenance and good education.

We allocated a loan of US$50 to the “The Por Una Vida Digna”, as one of our 44 new loans. In this loan trench, I concentrated on:

  1. Groups of entrepreneurs, led by women, or with a majority of women; or
  2. Entrepreneurs working in agriculture by either growing a crop or raising animals; or
  3. Entrepreneurs in South America.

I allocated a total of US$1,775 in loans to entrepreneurs in Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Cambodia, Philippines and Nicaragua. This amount was the total repayment of previous loans, which I received during the month of December.

Here is the full list of the new loans: