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Tamara Hovannisyan in Armenia

Tamara in Armenia wants to expand her farming business

Tamara Hovannisyan lives in Horom, in the Shirak region of Armenia. She is married with three children 14, 19 and 21 years old. Tamara has been a self-employed farmer for the past 20 years. In addition to supporting the education of her children, she also provides her brother’s family with agricultural produce grown on her farm. She has a dream of renovating her house and establishing a small shop to support her family, so she took a loan to purchase fuel and cattle feed to increase her small livestock business. If successful, she expects her income to increase by 25%.

Tamara is one of the 15 entrepreneurs out of 8 countries we allocated microfinance loans to today:

As per our usual choice, all selected entrepreneurs are either women, or women’s groups. This batch concentrated mostly on loans for active farmers.

Check out our project score card for a summary of our loans, and if you are interested, join our Kiva team… Up to today, we have 82 members, who issued a total of US$35,325 in 894 different loans…

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