Start 2012 well!

Since we kicked off our Kiva microfinance project “Change Starts Here” in November 2008, our Kiva Lending Team has already funded over 1,500 projects, for a total value of US$54,000. Check out our project score card on our Have Impact! blog.

In 2011, I had a wide range of sponsors for the blogs I manage. After deducting the running costs for my blogs, I want to invest the left-over funds in our microfinance project “Change Starts Here” . Seems like a good way to start 2012 off on a good footing!

So, from January 1 to 15, I will run a promotion campaign for AidJobs, my newest blog, while helping to boost our micro finance projects. How? Pretty simple:

  • For every comment left on this blogpost, I will donate US$5.
    Just leave your name and where you live. Add any wishes you have for a better world in 2012.
  • For every new Twitter follower on @AidJobs, I will donate US$5.
    (we’re starting at 147 followers)
  • For every new “like” on our AidJobs Facebook page, I will donate US$5.
    (we’re starting at 22 likes)
  • For every new Email subscription, I will donate US$5.
    (we’re starting at 4 subscriptions)

Again, the end date is midnight January 15, and all funds go to our Kiva micro finance projects. A good way to start 2012, no?

Happy New Year everyone!



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