42 new micro-finance loans to women working in agriculture

Shoghik from Armenia compliments her income as a teacher with agriculture

Shoghik is from Dalarik in the Armavir region (Armenia). She lives with her husband, their two children (3 and 7 years old), her parents-in-law and brother-in-law.

Shoghik works as a teacher at the village local school, where her mother-in-law also teaches. Her husband is a policeman. However, their salaries are too low to sustain their living expenses. So, Shoghik and her family are also involved in cattle breeding, in breeding pigs and piglets, and in the cultivation of alfalfa, peaches and apricots. The family sells the agricultural products in the local market, which is an important source of their income.

To continue running the agribusiness in a sustainable way, Shoghik needed a loan of 3,000 USD to purchase five steers, to buy forage for the livestock, and to purchase fertilizers.

Our loan to Shoghik was one of the 42 micro-finance loans we issued this week, to women and women’s groups in Vietnam, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, El Salvador, Tajikistan, Kenya, Cambodia, Uganda, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

As food security is the basis for all well-being and any development for all regions, all loans went to women working in agriculture:

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