I am an aid worker. For the past 15 years, I wandered through the worse places on the planet, trying to embetter the lives of those less fortunate than me. Every day, I asked myself if I really made a difference. Often I wished I could do more.

In November 2008, I kicked off “Change Starts Here”, a Kiva micro financing project. I used seed funds collected through ads on my blogs, but soon enough friends, colleagues and family joined in.

As I reported on the project progress through The Road to the Horizon, my personal blog, readers also started to contribute.

When, after six months, we collected and invested over US$10,000 in micro finance loans, time had come to give this project the attention it deserves, and to report more systematically. This blog, “Have Impact !”, was born.

In “Have Impact !”, I not only want to concentrate on our own micro finance projects, but on all ways individuals can make a difference in the world, even with few means.

You want to participate in our project? Check out our “How to get started” post…

peter (at) theroadtothehorizon (dot) org