An update from Mirzaeva Kumri in Tajikistan

Mirzaeva in her shop

Mirzaeva in her shop

Mirzaeva Kumri is 53 years old. She is married and the loving mother of four children. Kumri owns a successful clothing and shoe sales business located at the Sakhovat market in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She has been doing this business for about 13 years.

Her business has benefited from a good sales location and constant demand for her products. Kumri tries to offer good prices to her customers while still making a profit. A normal monthly income from her business is around 1500 Somoni.

A couple of months back, Kumri has requested a loan of 2500 Somoni (US$750) for a term of nine months to increase her product inventory. At that time, the cold season was coming and everyone was preparing for winter season. By purchasing additional inventory, Kumri was better prepared to meet increased demand and earn a good income.

I just received this update:

Mirzaeva proved to be a very responsible borrower. She made all of her payments on time and has been improving the amount of inventory she carries.
Kumri is a very hard worker and has efficiently used her loan to grow her business. She tells us she has a larger client base and her clients purchase from her more often due to the variety she offers.

Mirza paid back her loan for 100%, and within the agreed timeframe

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