An update from Tasi Rasch in Samoa

Tasi Rasch in Samoa

Tasi Rasch in Samoa

We received an update from one of our loans in the deep Pacific:

Tasi Rasch owns a cattle farm with about 10 cows. She sells her cows to villagers for falavelaves, Samoan feasts. On these occasions, Samoans butcher a cow to celebrate a wedding, throw a birthday party, or mourn a recent death. Large cows cost 1,000 tala (400 USD) and smaller cows cost around 500 tala (200 USD).

Tasi reckons she sells about one cow each month. In addition to her cattle farm, Tasi runs a small plantation with her husband. On their land they grow taro and bananas. Tasi’s loan from South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) was used to buy pesticides, fertilizers, machetes and nails for a new cow pen.

Each week Tasi sells her produce in Apia, the capital city. From their produce, Tasi and her husband earn around 200 tala each week. Tasi hopes to buy a car with her profit from her two businesses.

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