More microfinance loans, from Togo to Nicaragua

We just invested in the business of Yawa Ameganvi in Togo!

Yiepee! We’re now totalling US$5,850 on our social project.

We just got $500 refunded from previous loans and reallocated them to new microfinance loans for Kiva entrepreneurs:

- Hilda Bermejo in Peru (Party Supplies): $50
- Yawa Ameganvi in Togo (Sewing machine): $50
- Paulina in Peru (Food stocks): $50
- Evangelista Carranza in Nicaragua (supply tocks): $50
- Shabana Zafar women in Pakistan (Supply stocks): $100
- Uzma khanum women in Pakistan (Tailoring): $100
- Irshad Bashir women in Pakistan (Bakery stocks): $100

Follow the progress on our scorecard!

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