New loans,… and we raised past $13,000 !

Mary in Ghana

Mary in Ghana

Mary is a 36-year-old married mother of four children. Her two sons and two daughters are still in school. Mary lives with her husband in a rented apartment in Dunkwa in the Central region of Ghana.

She trades in tubers of yam. She buys her goods from nearby towns and sells them on a table top at the market square in her community. She has been in business for over 15 years.

She requested a loan of $550 to buy goods in bulk so she could to expand her business.

Through our Kiva lending team, we were able to allocate her a loan of US$50. She was part of a series of loans we allocated this evening, which also included:

These loans were financed through a repayment of previous loans.

The other members of our Kiva team have been equally active, resulting in a total loan value of $13,275, a jump of almost $1,000 in a week! Thank you all!

Last, but not least, let us welcome Jong Seung as our latest, and 23th team member. Marhaba! :-)

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2 comments to New loans,… and we raised past $13,000 !

  • John

    It seems the loans are taking off very well!!!


  • Mis-sold PPI Claim

    You are very much right they are rising as their concept is quite new and they are helping out families and individuals to start new life. The way they have planned is to help them have a better life by having a business. I hope this concept is recognised in various parts of the world.

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