New loans for the Dominican Republic and South America

The Unidos Venceremos Group in the Dominican Republic

As I have been in the Dominican Republic since January, supporting the Haiti earthquake emergency, I thought to concentrate my next batch of loans to entrepreneurs in this region.

I found a few of them based in the Dominican itself, like the Unidos Venceremos group in Samana, bit further North from here.

Martina is the coordinator of the group. She lives with her partner and their three children. This is her nineth loan with Kiva. She plans to use this loan to invest in her business by traveling to the capital to purchase skirts, jeans, blouses and pants in the main markets and then bringing them back to her community to sell. She will use the profits to invest in her business by purchasing a scooter to help her move her merchandise as well as saving towards having her own store one day (her current business is mobile).

She also wants to invest in her home by remodeling it.

As I have been busy with work, repayments from previous loans had been piling up on my Kiva credit, to a total of US$3,500. So after I “exhausted” the loans for Dominican entrepreneurs, I looked for more entrepreneurs from South America.

Why? Well, during my stay here, we had many South American staff from our organisation travelling through, and working with us. While I travelled through over 100 countries in the world, South America clearly showed to be an unknown to me. I was surprised to find so many of these people well-trained, very motivated and knowledgable, and I have started to grow fond of them.

That’s why the majority of the funds for this US$3,500 loan went to entrepreneurs in this region. As they deserve all the stimuli they can get.

Here are all the loans:

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