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Las Lucetitas in Ecuador

Las Lucetitas in Ecuador

A Friend of mine came back from mission, and decided to give US$300 of her mission allowance to Kiva via our lenders’ group. She requested to allocate the loans to women – as most of our loans -, and particularly women from South America.

She said South America is often neglected in foreign aid and development, and the people deserve more support.

One typical example of how people take their destiny in their own hands to move up in the world, are the “Las Lucecitas” Women’s group in Cuenca, Ecuador. A summary of what they are all about:

The communal bank Las Lucecitas is made up of 7 members, who want to better themselves and have better opportunities in life. The majority of the members are from the neighborhood of Narancay from the Baños parish in the city of Cuenca in Paraguay.

Baños is known for its hot springs that emanate from a volcano. There are festivals throughout the month of January with several activities such as dances and artist showcases and festivals featuring timbulo (a sweet tamale wrapped in corn leaf) and other foods. Few of the inhabitants work in agriculture because, for the most part, they work serving the large quantity of tourists who come to get to know this beautiful place.

Señora María Natividad Pugo Tenesaca is one of the communal bank members. She is 39 years old, married, and has 5 children. Her older children study in the Manuel Córdova Galarza Technical College located in her parish. She and her family live in their own home, the fruits of the efforts of María and her spouse who is a carpenter. For 10 years María has worked in agriculture, raising chickens, guinea pigs, and pigs.
The family consumes the majority of her output, and she sells a small amount in the free market in Cuenca, also selling chickens on foot, or plucked to acquaintances who buy in the house and she sells them in the stores in her area.

This is her third loan cycle. Before using microfinance loans, she had to borrow from informal lenders at very high rates of interest. With the loan, she will buy more chickens, guinea pigs, pigs, animal food and vitamins to continue to grow her business. Her goal is to eventually buy a car in order to increase her sales and collect more customers.

Señora María Cristina Mejía Pinos is an other member of the communal bank. Her mother-in-law is a member of the bank and invited her to join. She is 23 years old, has been married for 5 years, and has two children: a 4-year old and a 2-year old. Her husband is a driver in public transportation.
Maria is starting with the business of raising chickens. She tells us that it is not too complicated, to obtain the desired earnings you just have to be attentive so that the animals do not lack food or water and have adequate shelter.
This is her first credit and she hopes to continue to take out loans so that she can improve her quality of life and that of her family. With this loan she will purchase more chickens, animal food and vitamins, and also she will use a part of the loan to finish her house. The goal of Maria is to finish building her house.

Señora Sindy Gissela Morán Castro is another active member of the communal bank Las Lucecitas. She is eighteen years old and is married. Her husband is an electrician and they live in a rented home and would like to improve their economic situation.
Sindy sells shoes, she has been involved in this activity for a year. She has a good supply of good quality shoes and is an informal trader in the Cuenca free market, which runs daily. She works from 8am to 6pm and on weekends goes to the markets in Sigsig, Azogues, and Paute where she works from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.
This is her first loan, a friend convinced her to become part of the bank by telling her about the advantages that the foundation offers. With the loan she is requesting she will buy more merchandise and this way will have an increased inventory of shoes for women, men and children. Her dream is to have her own stall, so that she would not have to travel around the city to sell her goods.

I allocated six loans with my Friend’s donation. I also added a loan to a lady in Lebanon from funds as it is not often one finds an entrepreneur on Kiva from the Middle East.

All loans allocated today:

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