New loans to entrepreneurs in agriculture

New microfinance loan for a Philippino entrepreneur

Gloria Daliego's team

Gloria Daliego lives in the village of Estrella, San Guillermo, in the Philippines. She is 41 years old and the group leader of a 13-member group loan. While each member of the group receives an individual loan, they are all collectively responsible for paying back the loans of their fellow group members if someone is delinquent or defaults.

Gloria is married and has 4 school-aged children. She owns and operates a farming business, planting and harvesting a variety of vegetables for sale. Gloria has been engaged in her business for over 10 years and earns approximately 4,000 PHP a month from it.

In 2009, Gloria asked a microfinance loan to help improve her living situation and ability to engage in business activities. Gloria has successfully repaid a previous loan of 5,000 PHP, which was used to purchase additional seeds, seedlings and young crops to raise.

Gloria is requesting a new loan of 8,000 PHP which will again be used to purchase additional seeds, seedlings and young crops to raise. She plans to use the additional revenue generated from the business to improve/expand her business.

As part of our newest loans, concentrating on entrepreneurs active in the agricultural sector, we allocated $50 to Gloria’s group.

Here are our most recent loans:

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