New microfinance loans went to 20 countries

Rita from Kyrgyzstan

We help Rita from Kyrgyzstan to expand her livestock

Nicaragua, Tanzania, Philippines, Georgia, Senegal, Congo, Rwanda, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Mali, Bolivia, Burundi, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ghana, Armenia, Peru, and Azerbaijan.

That’s 20 countries.

That’s how many countries our new Kiva loans went to, today. Most of the entrepreneurs we lend to, are women working in agriculture.

You might think I am a half-millionaire to allocate US$3,475 of new loans in one go. However, these were all repayments from previously allocated loans. Re-investing in people, to help themselves…

People like Rita from a village called “Semenovka”, in Kyrgyzstan. Rita is 44 years old and a widow, raising her daughter single-handedly.
She works as a cook at a boarding house, but also has her own livestock.
With her micro finance loan, she wants to buy more cows so she can sell the milk, providing her with extra income to further expand her business, and to refurbish her house.

Here are all the loans we allocated today:

Come and join our Kiva team!

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