New loans to the Philippines

Roberto Doroni in the Philippines needed more farming supplies

Roberto Doroni in the Philippines needed more farming supplies

After typhoons Ketsana and Parma hit the Philippines, 7 million people were affected. we started a fundraiser and advocacy campaign here on “Have Impact!”, which generated more than 1,000 comments. I promised to raise $5 per comment, for micro finance loans to entrepreneurs in the Philippines so people could get their lives back on track, and restart if need be.

As part of this project, we have issued quite a few loans to people already. Roberto Doroni was one of them. He lives in Pangal Norte – Echague with his wife and two children. Farming is his main income, and he was looking for a loan of $325 to invest in more farming supplies so he could increase his crop yield.
We issued him a loan of $50, to be repaid over 7 months.

Here is the list of all 42 loans we have have issued over the past four days:

Apart from the loans I issued, many others have joined forces with us. members of our Kiva Lenders team issued over 2,000 US$ of loans just in the past week. Well done all!

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