Our first loans to the Philippines after the typhoons

Norma Danao in the Philippines

Norma Danao in the Philippines

After the devastating typhoons hit the Philippines, we started a fundraising project, to better the lives of the entrepreneurs there. I promised $5 for every comment left on the kick-off post. At the moment of writing we received close 500 comments, and thus raised over US$2,500 already.

The loans issued today, are part of that project. They loans have been funded by my Friend E, who “bought” the pledges of 60 comments.

The first new loan goes to Norma Danao, an industrious woman from the village of Bliss, Ilagan, Isabela in the Philippines. She is married to Mario, who discovered a new formula for home-made fertilizer.
Norma and her husband, have been manufacturing ‘foliar’ fertilizers for seven years already and their business is expanding rapidly. To meet the demands of their customers, she hopes to access a loan of US$650 as additional capital in purchasing different ingredients for the fertilizer.

We allocated a loan of $50 to her.

Other loans allocated today:

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