Our Project Score Card

Updated May 8 2012

Almost three years ago, we kicked off “Change Starts Here”, a social project driven by the readers of The Road to The Horizon and Have Impact.
Our community funds micro-finance projects via Kiva.

Here is progress thus far:

Total loans allocated to projects: US$62,025 

  • Raised through our blog: US$8,570
  • Other team members contributed: US$30,559
  • Reinvested re-paid loans: US$22,896

Total members of The Road’s Kiva Lending team: 91
Total loans by The Road’s Kiva Lending team: 1,739

We supported these micro-financing projects on Kiva:

join our team

Here is a detailed list with the status of our loans (updated every semester).
The background of this project, you find in the kick-off post

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