Update from Sandra Elba Rivera in Nicaragua

Sandra Elba Rivera and her mother

Sandra Elba Rivera and her mother

From Nicaragua:

It has been 10 months since Sandra Elba Rivera first received a Kiva loan, and in that time, her utilities sales business has improved markedly. After recently visiting her to see the micro loan effect on her business, Sandra Elba Rivera expressed to me how much the loan of $275 has helped her broaden her ability to compete with similar businesses in the area.

She has succeeded by increasing profits by 4 -11 % / a modest a modest amount over the course of the loan, primarily through the competitive purchase and sale of utilities Sales products at more cost-efficient prices.

Sandra Elba Rivera would like to personally thank all Kiva lenders who helped her achieve a level of professional success and personal fulfillment unimaginable before receiving a micro loan. She hopes to garner further support from Kiva lenders in future small business endeavors.

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