Update from the Confianza y Dignidad group in the Dominican Republic

The Confianza Y Dignidad group

The Confianza Y Dignidad group

An update from one of our loans in the Dominican Republic

Marcia Mejia is the Group Coordinator for the Confianza y Dignidad (Trust and Dignity) Bank of Hope in Hato Mayor.

This group of 5 hopes to utilize this microfinance loan to further establish their existing business ventures or create new operations in order to increase their profit levels.

Marcia has 2 teenage children, ages 18 and 14. Marcia plans to utilize this loan to increase the inventory of the products she sells. Currently Marcia sells a variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s undergarments. Marcia is dedicated to the success of her business as she dreams of one day owning her own large variety store and converting a room in her house to a store.

Loan funds will be used to increase current inventory levels and begin the process of creating a store.

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