Update of our loan to the Alexa group in Nicaragua

We received this update from Kiva:

This is an update on your loan to ALEXA Group in Nicaragua.

Yesterday I met with Vilma Flores Lopez, the coordinator for the Alexa Group. A devout woman, Vilma thanks God everyday for helping her run a successful convenience store. Situated on a side road near the Masaya Market and a little off the beaten track, Vilma’s business runs primarily on repeat neighborhood customers.

She has used her Kiva loan to offer more products, thus increasing her revenue. Before she had the loan, Vilma lost quite a bit of money on items like oil and sugar. Now, she can afford to buy them in bulk and sell more.

Vilma hopes to exponentially grow her sales and use proceeds towards expanding her house little by little. With the help of Kiva and ADIM, she thinks she can complete her home very soon. She is very grateful to all of you for your support.

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