We raised $1,000 in a day!

Joice Dodo

Joice Dodo in Juba (Sudan), wanted to expand her bread baking business to build a house she wants to rent out. We loaned her $50 via Kiva’s micro financing scheme.
She is one of the loans we issued today:

Today, we gave these loans on behalf of Bex (as a birthday present for Ekram)
- Lina in Lebanon: $50
- Dao Thi Sau in Vietnam: $50
- Joice Dodo in Sudan: $50

Temmy and other team member of our Kiva Lending team chipped in more, so in a span of only 24 hours, we raised


for loans on our Kiva micro financing project… We are now just a breath away from $10,000. Who would have thought this was possible when we started “Change Starts Here”, only six months ago?

Follow the progress of our project on our scorecard, and why not join our lender’s team?

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